Merry Christmas & new features

From Docuo we wish you Merry Christmas and a happy 2021 in which the COVID document goes to Eliminated state through the Vaccines transition.

Meanwhile, Santa brings a couple of new Docuo features in his bag:

Columns view in Android App

Now, in the category view of the App, you can see the data columns that you have configured in the custom view of your Docuo category.

This is already available in the Google Play Store and the elves promise that it will arrive on iOS in early 2021.

Visible fields based on a formula

It is now possible to set the visibility of a field or a group of fields, based on a formula. This allows some fields to appear or disappear depending on the value of others.

It is also possible to configure in this way if a field is mandatory or is blocked. The feature is also available in the Docuo web forms.

We hope you enjoy the holidays.

Merry Christmas!