4 New features that will make your day-to-day easier

Less is more. That’s our mantra. The more Docuo does, the less you have to do.

And our purpose is none other than to simplify your daily tasks so that you can increase the value of your work. That’s why we’ve been working on 4 new features that are ready to land in your repository. Take note!


“Drill down” Related Fields: Eliminate unnecessary fields.

With this new function you will save all the time you used to invest in creating the necessary fields to get to a piece of data anywhere in the structure. Because now, you don’t have to.

When you create a related field from another category, you can navigate through the Dropdown Lists until you reach the target field at any depth. And so you simply select the field you need directly. No redundant fields in your structure and simplifying the process.


DetailFind function: Self-filling Dropdown Lists.

Until now, it was not possible to define formulas in the fields of type Dropdown List to Other Category (LDAOC). But your wish is our command and now we can offer you the solution through detailFind.

A new feature that allows you to find a document according to the conditions you specify and have it displayed in a Dropdown List automatically.

To use it, just add this new function to the formula of any LDAOC field, saving your users time and effort. It is one less field to fill in!


GetField function: Access your data directly in a simple way.

Accessing a related value should be as easy as making a cup of coffee in the morning. And since we still can’t make the coffee for you, we’ve created the new getField function. With it, you can access the related value you need without having to create a field.

Until now, if in a structure like (Country -> State-> City) you wanted to use a Country field for a City formula, you had to have that related field in City. But now it will no longer be necessary to create such a related field. You will be able to access your data in a fast and direct way.


DetailAgg function: Finally you can create fields from your “child” documents.

Working with Docuo means making things easy. And displaying data from “child” documents in the “parent” category had to be that way too, and now it is!

The big advantage of detailAgg is the ability to compose a field using data from one or more of the “child” documents in the detail tabs. It’s as simple as that. Just add this new function to a formula in any field and construct the value you need.


In conclusion, simplifying your daily life is our job. That’s why these 4 new features are exclusively designed to simplify your work processes. Take advantage of them and simplify your tasks!