New functionalities that will leave you amazed

It has happened to all of us. We are working so calmly with Docuo, doing the necessary tasks and, suddenly, our head clicks and we think about how much easier it would make our life if we could do even more things from the tool.

That is why, month after month, we are including improvements that we see, as well as those that you give us, to make its use as simple and intuitive as possible. Today we are going to show you the latest features we have included:

Configure the home button for your users

This feature was created to make life easier for your users. From now on, you will be able to choose the items you want them to see at startup, thus saving them time on a daily basis.

The “Big Brother” of categories

Convenience has arrived thanks to the option of viewing all categories from a single window – perfect for administrators!

The “New document” button, now with forms

If you use data collection forms, you’re in luck! They will no longer be hidden in the depths, but will be just a click away.

Deleting a field won’t mess up your forms anymore

Knowledge is power, and that’s why we want you to know all the places where your fields are being used. Thanks to this, you will never again delete something without a duty.

Funcionalities person climbing stairs

Download Docuo documents with your “backpack” of data

As you know, documents in Docuo are much more than just a file, and that’s why you can now download the whole pack: attachments, data fields, and much more!

There are always favorites, and now marking them is even easier!

Bookmark your favorite documents in one click and quickly access them without having to search for them every day.

You can now set up the child documents tab in related categories!

Maybe you’re one of those people who don’t need the “new document” buttons, so from now on you can hide them or even make that tab disappear.

More color, more organization

Visualize your Kanban. And now visualize it full of color. What you are seeing in your head is possible, since you can define the color of the documents at will, or according to a formula.

Accessing and viewing, complete opposites?

Although it may seem like the same thing, not everyone on your team needs to see some folders or categories, but they may need to access their content and vice versa. Learn the difference and get the most out of your Docuo.

Something didn’t go the way it was supposed to when saving? Tell the user

Thanks to the “control step”, you can now check any condition you choose when the user saves. Not fulfilling it?  Simple: show them a message.

New mobile views

Working from the beach with Docuo has never been easier. Grab your cell phone, lie down on the sun lounger and choose your favorite view.

functionalities mobile phone

And the final surprise: new JavaScript functions

We are launching 5 new features you can’t miss:

Your life with Docuo will never be the same again thanks to these new features. Discover much more in our Help Center and become a tool geek.