Annual plan
Annual plan
Choosing an annual payment you are getting two months free compared to monthly payments
R2 Docuo Professional Edition
R2 Docuo Business Edition
R2 Docuo Enterprise Edition
1 user account
100 GB shared storage
€ 25  / month

Extra user accounts:
€ 6  / month
per extra +1 user up to 50
1 user account
100 GB shared storage
€ 38  / month

Extra user accounts:
€ 9  / month
per extra +1 user up to 500
1 user account
100 GB shared storage
€ 51  / month

Extra user accounts:
€ 12  / month
per extra +1 user


   10 GB shared storage pack
€ 1.50  / month
per extra +10 GB shared storage
   50 Collaborator Accounts* pack
€ 50  / month
per extra +50 collaborator accounts
* Collaborator accounts enable external users for file exchange and simple workflow operations, see comparison table below.
All prices in Euro excluding VAT. European customers are subject to VAT except intra-community operations.

Full Comparison Table


Internal Users

External Users

  User accounts
  Collaborator accounts
  Anonymous recipients

Public download links

Data collection web forms

Metadata actions *


Workflow actions *


Document preview *


eSignature *


File Sharing

Desktop & mobile apps

User & password security

Two factor authentication

Groups & permissions

Detailed action log



Active Directory integration


SharePoint integration *




Collaboration features

Metadata management

Workflow management

Document automation

Email automation

Query engine

Blockchain-based timestamping *

Workflow intelligent analysis *

New feature
Requires R2 Docuo credits consumption, see below
Only available in Business & Enterprise editions.
Requires R2 Docuo plugin, contact us to learn more
Coming soon (mid 2020)

Credit System

   500 credits* pack (in your yearly fee)
€ 20.83
per extra +500 credits yearly added to your account
   500 credits* pack (on demand)
€ 25
per extra +500 credits added on demand
* R2 Docuo credits don't expire, see below to learn how you can use them.
All prices in Euro excluding VAT. European customers are subject to VAT except intra-community operations.




Use R2 Docuo credits to enhance any document workflow, management & business capabilities




  External Workflow document upgrade
Allow clients, suppliers or external agents to interact with your document workflow using custom web forms.
Enable unlimited external workflow & metadata actions for a single document for the next 30 days.
  2 credits (€ 0.10) per document.
Charged on demand
  External Preview document upgrade
Send document preview & approval links to any external user so they can view your doc without downloading it.
Enable unlimited external previews for a single document for the next 30 days.
  2 credits (€ 0.10) per document.
Charged on demand
  eSignature document upgrade
Complete contracts and other agreements in minutes through custom lawful review & sign links that internal or external users can use from their devices.
Enable eSignature for a single document for the next 90 days. Upgraded documents can be eSigned as many times as needed.
  40 credits (€ 2.00) per document.
Charged on demand



Base quota is enough for 90% of organizations, but maybe you are in that heavy-duty 10%...


Base quota



  Workflow Operations
Booster pack
Get 1,000 extra state changes this month
1,000 x user / month *
Workflow operations
Included in all editions
+ 1,000 Workflow ops.
This month
  100 credits (€5.00)
Charged on demand
  Document Automation
Booster pack
Get 500 extra docs automated this month
500 x user / month *
Document automations
Included in all editions
+ 500 Doc. automations
This month
  100 credits (€5.00)
Charged on demand
  API calls Booster pack
Get enough API calls for those mission critical integrations
5k API calls / month
Included in Business and Enterprise editions
+ 50k API calls
This month
  1,000 credits (€50)
Charged on demand
* Repository base quota for workflow operations and document automations are computed globally
(i.e. 3 users allow a total of 3,000 workflow operations per month).

Educational / Nonprofit

Educational / Nonprofit

Using R2 Docuo in a college, university or nonprofit organization?
Contact us and find the plan that’s right for your institution

Frequently Asked Questions

About new R2 Docuo pricing

I am using the old pricing system, when will the pricing change take place?

On February 1st 2020

How much will my R2 Docuo quota be that day?

On nov 8th 2019 we sent you an email with an automatic conversion proposal for feb 1st 2020. If you disagree with this proposal you can contact us to change your new license parameters anytime before Jan 20 2020.

On Feb 1st 2020, the change will take place and you will be charged accordingly to your new license parameters.

Your current conversion proposal will be permanently visible in your R2 Docuo client area, on this site.

I want a sales representative to call me so I can understand this change in detail.

We are here to help. Please create a support ticket in your client area requesting that call, and one member of our team will contact you ASAP. Please make sure you provide your telephone number and best hours to reach you in the ticket info.

Will automatic conversion turn my plan into a yearly payment?

No, all automatic conversion proposals will be monthly by default. However in the same email in which we inform you about your automatic conversion proposal you will be informed of the equivalent price on an annual plan (getting two months free).

If then you choose to swicth to a yearly plan, you can create a support ticket to request it.

My current plan is actually yearly. Will this change affect me?

Some actual clients have yearly payment agreements. If that is your case you can choose when to roll into the new pricing system: on your yearly renewal or before.

However, until you do roll into the new pricing system, new features will not be available in your repository.

If you decide to roll into the new pricing before your yearly renewal, you will only be charged the proportional part of the price difference between the old an the new pricing plan.

My automatic conversion proposal has suggested me to include a 50 collaborator pack even when I only have one active collaborator account that I don't use regularly. ¿How can I change that?

You can contact us either by a support ticket (faster) or the contact us section on this site to get your conversion proposal changed before Jan 27 2020.

I started my R2 Docuo subscription after Jun 2019. Does this change affect me?

If you started your R2 Docuo subscription after Jun 2019, and you used a payform other than credit card (i.e. bank transfer) your pricing will probably be already updated to the new one, and this change will not affect you. Anyway you will receive an email confirming this point.

I don't want to keep using R2 Docuo after this price change.

We are confident you will love the new R2 Docuo capabilities but If you do not wish to continue your subscription, as always you can download your docs & data, and cancel anytime from your client area or by requesting it through a support ticket.

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