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All the agile visual management in your hand

At Docuo we know first-hand the importance of agility in work processes. That’s why we ask ourselves, what is the one tool that is never missing in our day to day? The mobile phone!

More and more of us have moved from checking email on the computer to doing it directly on the mobile, and like this, many more work functions. That’s why we want to make your day to day life much easier by integrating Kanban View also on mobiles. So you don’t have to go to the office or open your computer, and you can see it directly on your mobile.


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Having the Docuo App with Kanban View means having much more control over your work processes and greater organisation thanks to visual management. Now it won’t matter where you are and you won’t need your computer to manage your tasks and detect delays in deliveries or bottlenecks in the team. All you need to do is open Docuo App and you’ll have control of all your tasks from your own smartphone. It’s as easy as that.

The way to use it is very simple and intuitive. Basically you just press and hold the card you want to change the status of, select the option “Change status” and accept. In 3 steps and less than 1 minute you will have done this management in a more immediate way.


Kanban View on iOS

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Kanban View on Android

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