We planted a forest for our tenth anniversary!

We are 10 years old and we want this date not to be just another day, but to contribute something truly valuable for everyone. Therefore, in collaboration with Bosquia, we are going to plant a forest of 200 trees in the Community of Madrid.

The Docuo forest will be made up of native trees and can be visited by everyone, since it will be planted on public land, to be more precise, in the Miraflores area. In addition, with our forest, we will offset the emission of 10 tons of CO2.

But that’s not all: many times, a tree is not able to take root in the first few years after planting. To avoid this situation, Bosquia will monitor the condition of the trees during the first four years and, if necessary, replace them.

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And remember: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.