What happens in Docuo? – June 2023

Today I’m here to tell you a couple of things you’re going to love. Let’s get to it.

The most powerful collaborators

In Docuo, collaborator accounts are designed for people external to the organization (customers, suppliers, external, etc.) or who make occasional use of the tool.

You have often told us that you would like a collaborator to have “more power”. Well, we have listened to you: collaborators can now view queries and, of course, continue to do what they have been doing up to now. We remind you of all the possibilities they have here.

Performance multiplied by 3

Can you imagine that whatever you do in Docuo, now works three times faster?

We’ve become Flash (or Quicksilver, if you’re more of a Marvel guy) and we’ve improved Docuo’s performance, so you can still enjoy your work, but now even faster.


That’s all for this month, see you in the cloud!


Minerva Ventura

Digital Marketing Specialist