What happens in docuo? – May 2023

This month comes loaded with new features that will significantly improve your daily life. Let’s get to know them.

QR Codes

You can now include QR codes in your documents. With them, your customers will be able to navigate in seconds to any page using their mobile camera. Use them to sign contracts, fill out forms, download documents or visit websites from any document created from a Docuo template. Find out how here.

Goodbye to Recaptcha in your forms

Yes, it’s a nightmare for me too to select ships, chimneys, bicycles or cabs, to prove I’m not a robot. And I’m sure for your users too, that’s why we’ve removed Captchas from all Docuo forms. And the most important thing: everything is still as secure as ever!

One of my favorite parts of Docuo is the search bar. I access a lot of documents on a daily basis and finding what I’m looking for by typing a few words saves me a lot of time. We’ve made some improvements to the search bar, find out how to take full advantage of it here.

Test Formulas before saving them

If you are one of those who work with formulas in Docuo, as a good JavaScript Geek you will love this: now you can test your formulas without having to save the category first. This allows you to check that everything works correctly, before applying the changes to all documents in the category. Imagine how much time you’ll save! We show you the steps here.

New controls for your categories

Leave no stone unturned and make sure your users do only what they should. Now you can create controls to determine when a document can be saved using a Javascript formula. Take a look at this case with example included.

Allow your collaborators to modify metadata

Collaborators can’t touch metadata, we all know that, but the law is made the trap. Did you know that you can let your collaborators see and modify metadata through forms? Ok, it’s not free, but it sure pays off in many workflows. Here’s the info.


That’s all for this month, see you on the cloud!


Minerva Ventura

Digital Marketing Specialist