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A Cloud-based Document Management System: The Winning Solution for IT Departments

“I’ve been asking you guys for weeks.” “I need to be able to do this from my cell phone.” “Only my team should be able to see that information.” “My project should have priority over the rest”. “We do everything by hand, there has to be another way.” These are just some of the daily demands that corporate IT departments face when trying to serve their users and that, usually due to saturation and lack of resources, end up postponing indefinitely or answering with the usual response: “Solve it with Excel, Outlook and these shared folders”.

This situation gives rise to numerous problems. To begin with, it generates conflicts between departments when it comes to prioritizing one job or another, causing an uncomfortable environment and delays in meeting objectives.

In addition, abusing office automation to solve management problems encourages an excessively manual way of working, which is not very standardized and is prone to errors and data loss. On the other hand, custom development is not an option either because of the price and risk involved.

If the IT department does not provide answers, the inevitable will happen: users will end up waging war on their own by contracting online services outside the company’s IT ecosystem.

How can an IT department respond to all these requests in an agile, fast and secure way? The direct answer is: with a Cloud-based Document Management System.

How can it help you?

Maximum adaptability and unlimited scalability

Undoubtedly, the clearest advantage of having a Cloud-based Document Management System is that you can adapt its functionalities to the specific problem to be solved by any team in your company with very little effort and without technical programming knowledge.

The IT department can create a prototype solution in a few hours to meet the needs of each team.

This, together with its scalability, means that the pace of growth of your company’s needs will never be a constraint. You can start with a small solution for one department and gradually expand it until it becomes a pillar of the company’s IT ecosystem.

Productivity multiplied by three

What would you think if we told you that the different departments would stop contacting you every day to solve a problem? You would probably see it as impossible!

Thanks to the Cloud-based Document Management System you will be able to generate Workflows that solve most of the problems that different departments face every day: copy, paste and send the same email, collect information from external parties with forms, etc.

But that’s not all; it is very likely that you have suffered the consequences of giving teams only office tools to manage their work. Excel is very good but it falls short if used for the wrong purpose and in the long run, it can generate information losses and undetectable errors.

With a Cloud-based Document Management System, this situation is avoided, since you can create a relational database that solves the specific problem and set up automated processes that allow teams to have full control of the information at all times.

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Superior agility

When you start working with a Cloud-based Document Management System, you will realize that you can quickly and agilely resolve the requests that come to you from different departments, while maintaining 100% control over them. You will also be able to modify them quickly and with little effort if requirements change.

In addition, your time will be spent on more IT-related tasks, such as integrating the Document Management System with other solutions, since many other aspects (backups, updates, etc.) will be handled by the software manufacturers.

100% secure information management with Docuo

If you work with the right Document Management System, you will be guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information, as well as its recovery in the event of a disaster. Besides, you won’t have to worry about complying with many of the regulatory requirements required by the RGPD: the tool will do it for you.

In Docuo’s case, we comply with the National Security Scheme, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, so secure, quality and risk-free information management is guaranteed. In addition, all our servers are located in Spain and the European Union, so compliance concerns are simplified or disappear.

If your company also works with Microsoft 365, Docuo is the perfect choice as it integrates seamlessly into this ecosystem thanks to its various plugins (Active Directory, Teams, SharePoint, Power BI…). Everything under IT control, permissions configured and perfectly integrated into the corporate strategy, without spending a single extra minute.

As far as security is concerned, a Cloud-based Document Management System like Docuo is synonymous of peace of mind.

All this, and much more, is what Docuo can do for your IT department. Contact us and find out more!