Rental and Purchase Contracts for Renewable Lands

Forget the anguish of managing the acquisition of land for your wind/photovoltaic farms.

Manage hundreds or thousands of rental and purchase contracts with their particularities effortlessly. We can automate 70% of the work.

Due to the boom in renewable energies, companies in this sector have seen their work increase 100-fold in recent months in terms of negotiating and signing contracts for the rental and purchase of land for the operation of wind and photovoltaic farms.

This is mainly due to the number of associated tasks involved in their management.

First of all, the salespeople take endless walks through the villages and plots, trying to locate the owners and collecting all the information on the possible contracts. Often, they collect it in Excel or even on paper, attaching all the data and the different conditions of each owner.

For each case, the legal team or the operations department must prepare a draft contract with dozens of clauses and specific sections, including all the data of the properties (polygon, plot, cadastral reference, etc.).

Finally, the legally valid signing of these contracts must be organized and carried out, often in handwritten form with the consequent delay in sending and receiving originals.

And when they are signed, “all that remains” is to manage payments, renewals, expirations and various key dates for a portfolio of contracts that may contain hundreds or thousands of files. The SPVs typically involved in the holdings require rigorous and error-free control of the entire process.

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This situation is causing companies in the sector, which is constantly growing and developing, to find themselves often overwhelmed.

Although economically they are at their best, the manual management of these processes with paper, Excel sheets, shared folders and e-mail, entails numerous risks and problems:

  • Loss of important information and data.
  • Manual document drafting (copying and pasting a similar contract and changing the data), which leads to mistakes.
  • Forgetting key dates and, consequently, even having legal problems.

More specifically, the difficulties and errors that are constantly repeated are:

  • Percentages of participations higher than 100% due to duplicated and erroneous data, difficult to locate and solve because of the large amount of information they manage.
  • Not being able to group the different Cadastral References of a registered property.
  • Having to modify the sale and lease templates manually to add, modify or delete clauses, thus maximizing the risk of making mistakes.
  • Manually adding data that is repeated depending on the number of signatories and properties, such as, for example, the text “Gathered in” at the beginning of the contracts or the data of the properties.
  • The impossibility of knowing which people have signed a contract and what percentages of participation they have without opening the document.
  • Having to update different documents manually to calculate the hectares that have been signed in each project and calculate the corresponding percentages.

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All these situations not only cause delays in the short term, but can also lead to errors that are very difficult to solve and in the long run, they cause high economic losses.

If you feel identified with everything you have read so far, let us tell you that you are in the right place. This scenario is perfect for the implementation of a Contract Management Software (CLM). This tool can multiply the efficiency of a land management team by four times.

You won´t have to worry anymore about losing key information that your team has collected during long walks in 40 degrees in the shade. From their cell phone they will be able to fill in the information they collect and send it to the backoffice in real time and well organized from minute one.

In the office, people in charge of classifying and managing opportunities will have all the information organized at a visual level thanks to “Kanban” boards that allow them to monitor the situation at a glance.

The legal team will choose the appropriate template (from a previously unified and centralized template catalog), the properties, owners and signatories involved, mark the clauses that apply and press a button. With this, the Contract Management Software will create a Microsoft Word 365 template ready for review in a few seconds.

This template will already include all the data of the signatories, owners, properties, as well as the participation percentages and prices that will have been automatically calculated according to each project.

In the tool, it is possible to know the number of signatories, the projects belonging to the same SPV, or the specific data of a contract without even entering the documents, with a single click.

If everything is ready, with one click the document will be converted to PDF and will be ready for signing, which can be done either by the classic method (handwritten and scanned) or using any electronic signature modality legally contemplated in the European regulations (eIDAS).

Automation does not end with the signature. All current contracts are managed by the tool, which will manage payments (including the creation of “self-invoices”) and will notify you of maturities and renewals.

All the old manual procedures that make you waste so much time will be a painful memory of the past, since with this type of tool you will be able to automate up to 70% of them.

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Docuo is a Document Management System that allows the automation of workflows and includes a module for the management of land contracts for renewable energies. Dozens of companies in the sector already rely on Docuo to manage contracts for their wind and photovoltaic farms.

Everything we have told you is just the tip of the iceberg of what Docuo can do for you. We are the land management tool for renewables par excellence. At Docuo, we adapt completely to your problem, we make it ours and our team of expert consultants create the processes you need.

Contact us if you want us to study your case. Ask for a demo and start investing your time more efficiently today.