The mouse is going on vacation!

Docuo helps you in your daily life to perform many tasks: send emails, notify people in your team, keep the information in the right state etc.

To do all this, the two basic tools (the pick and shovel) are the keyboard and the mouse, right? We learn where each button on the interface is, which tab, what it asks when clicked and what we get with each action. Although it saves time, it requires learning and knowing where everything is.

This way of working is going to undergo a revolution with the arrival of AI and at Docuo we are among the first to make it available to you. Not long ago, we showed you how in Docuo you could talk to a PDF and all the advantages that this had for you. Now, this goes much further.

In addition to answering questions, the R2AI assistant will work for you. You can ask it to perform any action instead of having to do it yourself in the user interface.

Read on or if you prefer, I’ll tell you how it works in this video.

For example, you can ask it to create reminders for the people you want:


It will also create contracts and attach the documents you need in seconds.


And it can even automatically change the information to the status you request.


The R2AI Assistant is capable of performing these tasks for you, and many more.

See you in the cloud!