What support is there for you as an Docuo customer?

Here at Docuo we value your opinions and the service you receive. We also use the software daily to keep ourselves in your shoes at all times so if things do not go the way you expect we are here for you!

We spend many hours testing each new version and every new changes to ensure that when we present them to our customers they are perfect! However what happens when something dose not go right for you? first thing is don’t panic, as we said we are here for you!

No matter how small the issue maybe if it is a problem for you then it is a problem for us also!

Today I am going to show all the different options what are there for you!

So what happens if you discover an issue? main thing to do is just retrace your steps a couple of times to make sure all actions have been performed right sometimes ticking the wrong box can stop you from achieving what you wanted to achieve.

Still getting the same issue? then it is time to reach out to us here. To do this head over to www.R2docuo.com and sign into your account. (here is also a great area to confirm and change some of your details)

When signed in head for the support area and create a new ticket.

(Here you can track the progress of your ticket at anytime)

You will be presented with a simple form however it is vital for us that you give us as much information of about the issue including and steps you previously took prior and any error messages and outcomes you received. You can also supply us with a file that is normally a screen shot of the issue at hand.

When you submit the ticket it comes directly to us and then we take it from here. Myself and my colleagues have over 15 years experience in customer service and support so you are in safe hands.

We firstly will review all the information you supplied and will contact you at the earliest opportunity to either get more information or with a  solution.

We will either contact you by phone or email to help and in some cases will use tools like TeamViewer to show you directly what can be done.

On some occasions we will need access to your repository, security is paramount to us and we will never have access to your repository without your strict permission and never access the content of any files.

There are times where it goes beyond our control but we have a dedicated development team and technical team ready to tackle those extra tricky issues.

Our goal is to get you back up to speed as fast as we can some issues can take longer than others but we will keep you in the loop always so rest assured your in safe hands.

Other support

We have so many different ways to get an answer to a question you have, with online documentation, FAQ’s, our YouTube channel with lots of short videos and also our blogs which can be found here and across multiple social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Want to know what other users think? check out real customer reviews at G2 Crowd or leave your own one there.

Got an idea?

Let us know, we strive to make Docuo the best it can be and who else knows it better than our users! Most of the new features that are introduced in each new version have been suggested by our users, your opinion is vital to us no matter how small you think it is. We are hear to listen also.

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Enjoy the summer carefully and see you in the cloud!

James Storey