Can I get my files to go please?

It was not that long ago that all work took place in the office, this is still very much a strong working culture but even today one in five people work from home at least once a week and this number is starting to rise.

With the age of the millennials bringing a new work culture where anywhere can be an office be it a park or a coffee shop technology has to step up its game to help support people more and more.

It wasn’t all that bad with laptops streamlining becoming thinner and lighter and more cost effective, then tablets became the workers new best friend. But what about smart phones?

It is estimated that there are over 2.5 billion smart phone users and possibly by 2019 over 70% of the worlds population will have access to a smart phone. Now I know not all of those people will be workers or business users, we have kids and social users for example to take into account. However a large proportion of those users will undoubtedly be using those smart phones for work purposes.

So clearly a smarter way to help work productivity is through apps. We all use many apps for staying in contact with friends and family, booking social events and making travel arrangements. Now how about your job? what apps will make your life that little bit easier if your on the go and not always chained to your desk?

First you need to establish what you want them to do, here’s some examples on what areas you may need mobile software for:

  • Communication
  • Analytics and data
  • Content
  • Time management
  • Payments / expenses
  • Organisation
  • Finance and accounting
  • Human resources

Now I am sure each business and individual will vary on what they need but the good news is there is an app for just about everything and you can be surprised on what they can do.

What’s even better is most of the applications you are used to using on your work pc and laptop will probably have an app ready to go! look at Microsoft office for example used by so many people and they have an amazing app.

Here at Docuo we pride ourselves on making our award winning software accessible to all, including those on the go! Our Windows and web portal based software has made the storage and sharing of files so easy and user friendly that we brought it to iOS too, meaning our customers never miss a thing.

We have given our customers complete customisability throughout all the software including the app allowing them to follow through there branding.


The layout matches the desktop application and the web portal to show consistency making sure our customers do not need to learn new features just because they have changed the platform they are using.

They also still have the complete control on where there most important files are situated through the Docuo unique workflow processes.

You can download our iOS app for free here

So as you can see all great software can be made even greater and can help you complete any task you which to do regards of where you call your office!

See you in our cloud!

James Storey