Does my company need a Document Management Software?

If your answer is “I do not know …” Here are three tips to know if it is worth having a document management software.

From my experience working in customer service of Docuo, I can tell you that document management software is used to help in 3 types of actions:


It is the most typical case, you need to send documentation to other people and the most common option is to select the document and send it by email.

When you send documents by email you lose control of what is done with a document, you do not know if it has been delivered, if they have read it …

Using a document manager you can send the documentation through links (with a simple click) or if you have to send documents on a regular basis you can create an access to some folders of the document manager while always maintaining control over the access to the documentation.


The second typical use case: I need to create a new document which is quite similar to an existing one.

If in your company you create a large part of the documentation with the CTRL-C + CTRL-V method (you copy a document and you paste it to modify part of the text) you need a document manager that allows you to create documents using templates.

With a document management software you would have a record with the data of the document that usually vary (name of the client, product offered, price, etc …) and pressing a button would generate the document, according to the established template, ready to send. It is even possible to send it from the same document manager.


And the third typical scenario in organizations is the “piles” of separate documents in trays (or hard disk folders & subfolders, it is the same) depending on whether they are: revised, sent, accepted, pending processing, pending scanning, pending approval, settled, unpaid, etc…

If your company has these “piles” you need a document management software with workflow (work processes)

The work processes allow defining the different “states” that the documents can have so that you can see all the documents in a specific state with a simple click.


Do any of these situations identify the daily work of your company? If so, you need a document manager!

I remind you that you can try Docuo for 30 days for free and please, tell us your experience.

In the next post I will explain  with simlpe examples, how to use a  document manager software to solve exactly each one of these three scenarios.


Conchi Liebana