Who wouldn’t want a more efficient and green office?

You could read out aloud all the documents you have piled up and stuffed in your filing cabinets to your clients and colleagues and fill your office with plants! Neither are bad ideas and neither are world changing ideas!

Start small and simple! Cloud based document management software! Or ECM Sounds big and fancy but can have so many great advantages to your business and you customers.

Yes, that paperwork will need imputing into a computer but all good things must have some hard work!

Once they are all digitalised recycle them! So bye-bye paper, many companies will recycle confidential documents for you, so that frees up some space in your office for at least one small plant but also those documents will be used again for something new! Great work!

Piles of printed documents!

Now your digital, those documents can be shared, changed and viewed by anyone you want to see as many times as you want them to be seen. Without using another piece of paper!

With them in an online cloud based storage system that means not only are they in a safe and protected environment it also means you don’t need them all saved on every computer in the building, freeing up space in your machines and in some cases removing the need for extra machines and hard drives saving you more space and money by turning off unnecessary equipment!

Other advantages to this are imagine you have clients in different countries and even more importantly different time zones now I am sure you don’t want to scan a document or compile emails to send to them with a new version.

Software like Docuo can create emails and notifications instantly to let others know a new version is ready with a link to download it securely. They can update them and do the same back! Meaning once you saved that document you’re done, go have a coffee!

Want more good news here are some other great advantages:

  • Search and rescue (find those documents fast and save those accidentally deleted ones)
  • Audit trials (want to know who shared, modified and moved that important file last?)
  • Categorisation (document types, categories, classes…)
  • Advanced security and access control (like a filing cabinet key but much better)

And many other great benefits to everyone including that all important environmental benefit!

The greener, the better

At Docuo I am here to help businesses and individuals take control of their documents, helping them take care of those important details and helping them reduce their #carbonfootprint.
Get in touch and ask us how a cloud based management software can help because here we don’t have huge piles of paper and we could do with a plant or two more for sure.

James Storey