Kanban View: the agile visual management that will become your must have.

Discover another way of working, move to agility with the Kanban view.

Keeping control over all the tasks to be carried out by a team in a fast and agile way can become an impossible mission.

At Docuo, we see agility as the main way to optimise team performance. In fact, agile management is one that accelerates the pace of work, the delivery of value and increases the ability to adapt to new needs.

This is why we recommend visual management through Kanban boards, a new way of visualising information. This consists of changing the classic lists of task to Kanban boards. In this way, the tasks will appear as cards placed in different columns, one for each step to be performed.

This way you can have at a glance everything that is pending, what you need to review or the tasks that have already been successfully completed. In addition, its use is also agile and simple, you just have to drag the cards from one column to another and their status will change automatically, making Docuo send notifications to the people involved at the same time.


This is an example of what a classic task list looks like:














Now the same information shown through Kanban boards:











Processes are better organised and easier to manage visually. This help to focus on priorities and detect delays and bottlenecks.

The Kanban view is a feature that we have at Docuo to streamline team management.

So, if you already use Docuo you can enjoy benefits like this, but if you are not yet a customer: