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Making the most of your 30-day trial

When you are trying new software you want to explore all its features to know if it fits your needs. At the same time you don’t want to spend a lot of time on it. Here is a quick guide to making the most of your Docuo 30 day trial:

30-day trial infographic

Step 1: Register

First of all you  must register as a new user. It will take less than 5 minutes to do it. When you confirm your e-mail you will create a new free 30-day trial document repository.

Step 2: Upload some files!

Download Docuo for Windows, choose some documents, photos or videos and upload them to the cloud. You can drag and drop them or click “Upload files”. In the online documentation you will find step by step instructions on how to do it. Once you have a document uploaded in Docuo, you can edit it with a double click as you would do if it was in your desktop.

Step 3: Customize the look of your web portal

The web portal is an alternative way to access files stored in Docuo. You can customize colors, corporate logo and cover image and link it from anywhere to share files with customers, suppliers or friends.  You can customize the colors and logo of the web portal in the “My Account” section of this site.

Step 4: Create additional accounts for other people

To share files with other people using Docuo you must create additional accounts for them. In this way they will be able to download files or upload their own. There are two types of accounts: user accounts and collaborator accounts, the collaborator accounts are free and perfect for file sharing purposes. The user accounts allow file sharing and more advanced additional features. Check online documentation to learn how to create user accounts and how to create collaborator accounts.

Step 5: Create some folders and set permissions

As soon as you have a few friends accessing your repository you will need to configure which folders can view each of them and in which folders they are allowed to upload files. From the folder manager is really easy to setup a folder structure and configure proper permissions for your users and collaborators. Check the online documentation to find a detailed explanation on how to create folders and how to configure its permissions.

Step 6: Your first document category

So far you’ve solved the problem of that obsolete FTP server or your privacy concerns about using free online storage services. Now let’s talk about document management. In Docuo you can create document categories to classify related or similar files (offers, contracts, procedures, designs and so). When you assign a document to a category it receives amazing “super powers” such as data fields, version control, Microsoft Office templates, automatic conversion to PDF, collaborative social board, attachments and more. Check the documentation to learn more on how to create categories of documents and how to assign files to categories.

Step 7: ¿Do you know what “workflow” means?

When a document follows the same steps in an organization (the offer that (1) John writes, (2) Christina reviews, (3) Michael sends and later is (4) accepted or (5) rejected by the client), we can draw a diagram that represents this process exactly as you would do explaining it to a friend drawing on a napkin. Docuo can convert that drawing into a process control tool in which you and your colleagues know at all times what is the current status of a document, how and when it was reached. Check out additional information on the workflow concept and then learn to design your own process for a category of documents.

Step 8: Send emails automatically. It’s addictive!

If you have already created a workflow for your document category, you can configure Docuo to automatically send emails to users when something that interest them happens. You can set up an automatic email to alert a manager when an offer is accepted, another to thank a customer for that received suggestion or inform him when an issue is solved. There is no limit on the number of processes you can control. What started as a file manager, ends up becoming a powerful database to control workflows and save time. Learn how to configure automatic emails for a workflow.


Once you have finished this tour, you can use the software during 30 days. When the trial is over, if you want to keep working with us check the service fees and subscrbe. Welcome on board!

On the other hand if Docuo does not fit your needs, we just want to thank you for your time and interest and will keep in contact with you. We publish over 5  product versions a year with new features, fixes and improvements. May be we meet again in the future!