New tutorial: How to configure Metadata Fields

In this tutorial we explain how to create custom data fields (Metadata) for a document category. With this technique you can use R2 Docuo as a database. Far beyond a simple file container.

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How to configure a Document Management Software security

Security, privacy and confidentiality are so important to our clients and our reputations so how can I ensure who see’s what?

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Sharing large files is possible!

In this post I am going to give you the solution to share large files quickly and efficiently.

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New tutorial: How to create a document category

In this tutorial we explain how to create your first category of documents and how to use it to organize your files by their documentary type, beyond the classic folder structure.

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R2 Docuo 1.7.2 What’s new?

New version

On May 7, version 1.7.2 of R2 Docuo went live. With hardly any new features this delivery solved a lot of minor errors and introduced performance improvements. The next one will be much more exciting …

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Why and How do we Test our Business Software?

We have all at some point purchased some new kind of software as a business or individual for many needs, like word processing, email, photo editing, the list is almost endless! Have you ever wondered how Quality Assurance (testing) is performed on these tools?

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Users place R2 Docuo as best Document Management Software (ECM) for SMEs

Last March G2 Crowd published its Spring 2018 grid and its valuation reports for the Document Management Software and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products.

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What is a Record Keeping Policy?

A record keeping policy is a set of rules to control document and information lifecycle in an organization, from the moment it is created or received, until it is stored for historical reference or destroyed.

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Can I get my files to go please?

It was not that long ago that all work took place in the office, this is still very much a strong working culture but even today one in five people work from home at least once a week and this number is starting to rise.

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How to use R2 Docuo Collaborator Accounts

Most of our clients have the same question: How do I use the 9,999 collaborator accounts included in the standar R2 Docuo license? In this post I will try to give you some ideas how to fully exploit these free licenses.

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What is a Workflow, BPM, ECM or Process Management Software and how can it help your business

For some time now, the word “Workflow” has been heard in the computer sector as a way of defining the operational aspects of a work activity.

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The Four Ways to Solve a Problem with Management Software

Often in the company we find situations  where management software could help: a slow process, a disorganized team, lack of control in a peak of work or simply difficulty to know what is happening in each moment with precision.

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